Trustless trading has
arrived on Ethereum.

No need to deposit your tokens or create an account - trade ERC20 tokens directly from your wallet.

Parker JamiesonEarly Backer of Ethereum

The interface is super responsive. It is great to see the immediate effects of placing an order. This seems like a major advantage over [well-known competitor] in particular.

Trade Dozens of Reputable ERC20 Tokens

All tokens have undergone a verification process carried out by our in-house analysts to determine compliance to a strict rubric of concerns

We Integrate with your Wallet

We’re constantly adding new integrations to ensure that you have a seamless trading experience.

Truly Trustless

You no longer need to trust an exchange with your assets. In fact, there's no need to create an account. This means never waiting for transfers, hoping they'll come through. Sleep better at night knowing your tokens are safe in your own wallet.

Advanced Order Matching

ERC dEX is a hybrid-decentralized trading platform, so you won't experience those annoying race conditions that result in failed order fills. This also eliminates front-running, and reduces overall trading fees.

Seamless Experience

We've designed ERC dEX from the ground up for the next generation of newcomers and crypto-experts alike. Get started immediately with your wallet of choice, trade directly on the platform or integrate with our API and SDKs

Security & Reliability

To trade on ERC dEX, there is no need to provide identifying information, nor do we act as a custodian or handle your private keys, making data protection measures virtually obsolete.

Built using the 0x protocol, our hybrid-decentralized architecture - off-chain order book with on-chain settlement - proves to be the most secure in the industry.

Buy and sell on the go

Our full-featured, mobile-enabled website empowers you to trade the complete market of tokens wherever you are.

We built our trading interface for traders, without compromising on the features you have come to expect, and our mobile interface delivers on this capability when you need it the most.

See it in action:

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Trading Fees

ERC dEX uses a traditional maker/taker fee structure and fees are only assessed when the trade executes. Even better, because settlement is done peer-to-peer, directly on the blockchain, you never have to pay fees for deposits or withdraws.

0.1% Maker
0.2% Taker
0% Deposit/Withdrawal

Build on our platform

The possibilities are endless with the Aqueduct API and SDKs. Unlike other trading platforms, we offer a shared fee structure, not only a shared order book.

What would you use Aqueduct for?

  • Bot Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Portfolio Management
  • Your dApp

Ready to get started

No deposit or account details required.

ERC dEX is a hybrid-decentralized trading platform, which means you can trade the tokens stored in your wallet without first depositing them on the platform, and the same goes for cashing out. You maintain control of your tokens at all times.